Hola. I have collected these for quite some time already and I would love to share them with you girls.. Have fun!

Features of your face

Not sure of what beauty bloggers and tubers are referring to when you are reading a tutorial? This photo gives the best run down of all the features in a face.

How eye makeup changes the shape of your eyes

Lucky asians with double eyelids can refer to the left panel while sexy mono lids can take a look a the right panel.

Various eyeliner shapes

Feeling adventurous today but want to stay subtle? Change the shape of your eyeliner!

Clean and easy way to define your eyes

I believe in this makeup tutorial so much! If you are mono lid and you apply the same technique, you might be able to fools others into thinking that you have a beautiful crease going on!

Makeup for different kinds of eyes

The position of your eyes plays a big role when it comes to make up. Find out how to make up for the shortcomings. πŸ˜€

Easy silver smokey eyes

This is best applied with a q-tip for the precise shape. Just remember to go over your creases!

Various kinds of eyebrow shapes

Which celebrity’s eyebrows are you channeling?

Makeup brushes 101

Thinking of buying some makeup brushes? Let this guide you!

Makeup Brushes and what they do

The essentials when it comes to brushes.

Balancing your makeup

Don’t over makeup! Keep this for reference!

How to line your lips

For subtle effects, use a lip liner with a color close to your own lips. Then fill in with lipstick. You can also apply concealer around the new lip shape to clean up the edges.

Try out new lips!

A nifty guide on how to handle your puckers.

Delicious gradient lips

Try this the next time you go out. It’s cute and attention grabbing!

Contouring 101

Need some contouring done for photoshoot or events? This is the guide for you.

Easy contouring for face

Define your face with this contouring template.

Quick guide to applying nail polish

Always wonder how manicurists does such a good job on your nails? Now you can do the same. πŸ™‚

Quick gradient manicure

Get ready for some cool gradient DIY manicure! Its easy and fun! Remember to cut the sponge to a size that fits your nails!

Simple and chic hairdo

A beautiful hairdo for weekends at home or leisure strolling in the mall.

Quick and elegant half ponytail

Channel your big up-do with this subtle half ponytail.

Easy Fluffy hair ponytail

Do something different with your ponytail today!


I hope you enjoy all the cheat sheets, I love love love them and I want to share the others that I have collected soon.

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