Christmas is coming and makeup looks are popping everywhere all over the net.. I always have the thinking that xmas looks are green, red, white.. lol..
This is certainly different. Purple and orange.. the 2 contrasting colours.. nice niceWhat you need :
1. Light purple
2. Dark purple
3. Yellowish orange, think orange smoothie
4. White eye pencil
5. Black eye pencil

Orange smoothie goes on the brow bone..
Light purple goes at the corner of the eye til halfway to the lid
Dab dark purple at the corner of the eye and blend UP.
Line the top lid with black eyeliner
Line the bottom lashliner and inner corner of the eye with white eyeliner.
Oh, I use all the colours from Coastal Scent’s pigment set.
I used the Taiwan Eyelashes.

I am loving my new Nikon SLR settings!!
Everything is so much sharper, colours are more accurate. No more blur lashes!!
I love shooting in RAW instead of jpegs.. omg, i feel as if my old photos are so ugly.. lol.
I shall do a post on the settings next week.. weeeeee~~