We will be using the pigment set that we are selling for RM 80 for this tutorial!
Refer to the numbers for the colour aight?
Sexy Vixen
After the application of foundation and setting in the concealers, we use MAC paint pot (Bare Study) as a base on Vinn’s eyelids. This is to further ensure that the colours that goes on to the lid are more saturated and rich in colour.
We then use 53 from the pallete as the first layer on her eyelid.
After that, we give a stronger and darker red to the end of the eyelid and also below.
Finally, we use 88 and gently pull from the end of the eyelid towards the inner corner. We repeat the same for the lower eyelid
Time for some vixen eyes! We use a liquid eyeliner and line the whole eye. The trick is to give a sharp curved end to the inner and outer corners.
After that, we applied fake eyelashes to her eyes. The more dramatic the better!
To further enhance the contrast of the dark red eyes, we sweep a light trail of white shimmer below her eyes.
We do the same with blusher by sweeping it right across the face just below the white shimmer.
Finally, we smudged a nude lipliner across her lips and apply lip gloss to finish the look!
Simple, beautiful and pure sly vixen!

Filigree Geisha
We start the look by applying foundation and the likes.
After that, we jumped right into eye make up by sweeping a thick layer of 13 from the hair line to the corner of the eye.
After that, we use 36 and lightly dab at the outer corner of the eye.
We finish the plant hue with a dark 58 at the outer corner of the eye
Van Gogh once said,” Never blue without yellow”. Following his theory, we drew a trail of 61 from the inner corner of the eye to the hairline, outlining the area of the plant hue.
Time for some contrast, we dust 30 from the lower eyelid and drag our brush down towards our cheek, creating a continuous blusher.
We line her eyes with dark eyeliner. The trick is the leave a gap of skin showing for your lower eyelid as you move closer to the inner corner.
Using the same eyeliner (it is best to have one that the tip is small and easy for you to control) we drew plant filigrees from the outer corner of the eye until the part where it meets the hairline.
We repeat for both eyes.
This is the filigree we drew on both eyes!
We use 2 thick and dramatic eyelashes and stuck the more thicker one on top of the eyelid while the sparser one goes on the bottom lashline. It is good to get good quality lashes so that your eyes won’t hurt when you have them on.
We smeared a nude lipliner over the border of the lips, leaving the center empty.
We finish off by applying a light pink gloss on the center of both lips for a Geisha look.
A modern geisha look with a filigree mask on the eyes!