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Hi everyone! My name is Haze Long and I am an artist living in Malaysia. It’s been an interesting journey by far. I wasn’t always an artist and it was a surprise to me that I turned out to be one.

I was best known as a makeup artist in my previous blog. I’ve done crazy things like putting sugar on my face and putting makeup on myself until I look like Keira Knightley. The old blog is still alive cuz Google likes it. I’ve ported the blog over to this current domain. You can look at the oldies in Beauty Tutorials section.

used to be the first and only Blog Designer in Tanah Melayu. I have wrapped over 30 jobs for blog and web design in the first year. Maths and logic holds the greatest fascination for me, web design and development gave me the opportunity to be both artist & geek. I still occasionally code and design, but not for clients anymore.

I co-founded Paintlust together with Vinn Pang in 2011. It is called super wonderful loot, or Swoot Creative for short.
We are doing prints, design, web development, wall murals, 3D and social media marketing. In 2013, the journey for us ended.


I founded Art Misfits in 2013 with the aim of creating crazy awesome art on walls and to improve the local art industry. Art Misfits has since been the industry leader in mural & illusion art creation. We’ve even scored in the top 10% of Cradlefund’s Coach & Grow Programme in 2014.

Please check out for the latest updates.

Speed Painter | Fine Artist

2015 –

In 2015, I took a step back from Art Misfits and focused on creating art for solo exhibitions. After years of heeding the direction of the clients we’ve work for in Art Misfits, I was happy to start creating what I want, instead of what others want. There are also plans to kick start a few more businesses here and there. Since then, I’ve been painting small paintings and getting ready to exhibit. These are the paintings that you see here today.

Want to see more speed painting videos?

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