Lately, I’ve been telling myself to go out. Go out and mingle!

And so I did. Ciki invited KY and I to the Amadeus Bristro and Wine Bar launch …and later to their food review. The bistro is located in KL live right smack in the middle of KL. Traffic and parking is abit tricky, but worth it when you taste Dina Djumic’s baked goodies. More on that later…

The restaurant is perfectly decorated by Dina, there is a difference when you walk in and you notice fresh flowers everywhere. It’s a touch that shows the owner’s passion for her beloved bistro. Her taste in wine is also reflected in the choice of wine available to customers. KY is jolly red when he was talking to Shah on the launch night.

Josen accompanies Ciki, who was handling the event that night.

That lovely lady is Dina, the beautiful and very Malaysian proprietor. But I can guarantee you that her food is authentically European. Sam from Esquire Magazine was there as well to support here. Evelyn and Dennis were also there to enjoy the night.

That’s the bubbly chef, he’s a great cook, whipping up great pasta and all the food during the food review too. The night was bubbling with activity and songs by a singer who refers to his mac for lyrics and chords. That’s something new.

A week later, we came back for the food review and this time, Suan joined us for the review. The bistro’s logo and brand were based on Amadeus Wolfgang Mozart, note the drawing of him in the logo. Classical music and strings play in the background while we chat and waited for the food.

Gustav’s Cured Norwegian Salmon, Spring River’s Duck Terrine and Ahmed’s Mediterranean Bruschetta

The food was a breathe of fresh air to me. I have never had Croatian food and the blend of local spices makes the dining experience a memorable one. For the starters, I really enjoy the cured Salmon in citrus and vodka. The dill cream cheese was hugged snugly with a piece of Salmon and the blend of flavours were a new experience for me. Definitely a must try.

Eiling and Suan

Carlos Secret Lamb Rack and Seafood Pasta

Can’t remember much about the lamb but the mashed potatoes were on my plate the whole night long after countless refills. It was so good, I have a sore spot for potatoes and after an orthodontic appointment, the mashed potatoes were god sent. Milky, soft with a slight texture of chopped potatoes, it kept my stomach full while I attempt to chew the other food. The pasta was a comforting piece, nothing unpredictable and just right in the nice places.

Eiling and Ciki

Manhattan Seafood Chowder and Simone’s Fish-e-Tarian Friend

I had the Chowder while Ky had the Wild Portabella soup. The entire table was raving about the mushroom soup, you have to give it a try. Many claimed it was the best they had. The chowder was ok, I find it abit watery but then again, I am accustomed to cooking soup with a gravy thickness.

Hungarian Goulash, Dina’s home baked Red Velvet cake and Yellow Lemon Cheesecake

I didn’t really eat the Goulash as I was just recuperating from another braces tightening session. Missed that one out and is remorseful about it. I was really feeling miserable that night, with so many good food on the table and only able to enjoy the mashed potatoes. Then Dina brought out the cakes that she baked herself. She sometimes baked them at her home or sometimes in Amadeus’ kitchen.

I had one bite of red velvet and I feel so much endorphins rushing through me and giving me the happiness that I was looking for. Every bite made me go ‘Awwwww, I am happy again’. I had alot of cakes. Hehe. Really really love them, perfect sugar level, soft and crumbles into pieces of elation in your mouth.

I would go back for the Red Velvet. The rose wine she served was spectacular and I look forward to seeing her restaurant bloom.