Ameizing World Tour

There is no doubt that Amei is a diva and the pride of many chinese song enthusiasts. Her concert in Malaysia on 5th May blew her fans away with her performance and entertaining vocal acrobatics. I find that the way she sings her songs are relaxing and powerful at the same time. However, it is when you attempt to sing her songs that you can truly appreciate her gift of soaring effortlessly into high notes while maintaining a connected timbre throughout the entire song. It is this quality that encourage all aspiring singers to audition with her songs to impress the panel of judges.

Catch it again in Hong Kong

Fans who did not manage to make it to the concert this time can catch A-Mei again in Hong Kong. This is a great opportunity to get tickets to watch the biggest concert in this World Tour. And the best thing is, you can win these tickets. You and a plus-one will be flown all the way to Hong Kong, on an all expense paid trip to watch A-Mei live in concert.  

All you need to do is to download A-Mei Call Me Tones until 15th May. You can impress your friends with Amei’s ringtones and also stand a chance to see her in Hong Kong.

To download the Call Me Tones, all you need to do is dial *888*<Call Me Tones code># and press Call. And here are the songs you can download together with their codes.

SONG TITLE  ARTIST        Call Me Tones Code
Bu Xiang Ge Da Ren  A-Mei *888*151921#
Bu Yao Luan Shuo  A-Mei *888*151925#
Chinese Girl  A-Mei *888*151924#
Dan Chun  A-Mei *888*151926#
Hai Huo Tian Kong  A-Mei *888*151928#
Ping Chang Xin  A-Mei *888*151919#
Ren Zhi  A-Mei *888*151920#
Suo Yi Wo Yuan Yi  A-Mei *888*151927#
Wo Yao Kuai Le  A-Mei *888*151923#
Yin Wei Ni Zai  A-Mei *888*151922#

RM1. 50/week for each song

Good luck and click here for more info.