Art of Speed at Publika

This Saturday I had the greatest time of my life at that Art of Speed in Publika. You can still catch it today(Sunday 24th June). I recently took an airbrushing class and is really excited to see what the Malaysia artists have to offer for this event.

Vintage Japanese and Italian Bikes

KY and I went there to be greeted by vintage bikes. Not much art going on on those bikes but they are still a beauty to behold.

A really beautiful airbrushed vintage bike

Our first moment of gushing came when we saw this bike. It was a black shaded airbrushed art of skulls and flames. The skills of the artist is really evident here. Plus the bike is beautifully lacquered.

Scrubbed to shine

Every part of this bike is really shiny. I wouldn’t mind having this bike. So beautiful

More Vespas?

There were a lots of Vespas on that day restored to 70’s colors.

A vespa 3 wheeler

This cute little truck is officially classified as a motorbike and only costs RM 2 for it to be road legal. I would love to see this on the road, might cause a traffic slowdown for other drivers to gape at the doorless little thing.

Lots of Impala's that day

Most of the pinstripes on cars were done on Impalas. Thinking of how they got the cars into this area….

Interior of one the Impala

Found this Impala with the hood open. Everything is cleaned and polished but the radiator cover has Japanese wordings on it. ;p One of my friend would call that a asian bastard cap in an American car.

Airbrushed miniature car

There were also customized miniatures on show. Really detailed, some of them comes in decals too.


A few of the artists were showing off bits of car parts that look beautiful in photo.

Pinstriped art

These were some of the pinstripe arts that I found today. Some of them weren’t quite up to my expectations but I really love the brushwork on the right one.

Airbrushed and pinstriped skateboards

There were about 3 or 4 skateboards exhibited in the gallery. Looks good but I prefer something with a more mature color scheme.

Pinstripe artist at work

I managed to find a pinstripe artist that has really good brush technique and gleaned some techniques from his demo. Most of them were using 1-shot enamels and showing demos to the crowd.

Airbrush artists at work

That’s my sifu on the left performing his airbrush demo and another fellow artist on the right doing his demo on a canvas.

Airbrushed and pinstriped helmets

The art on helmets there were a plenty, from flames to pinstripes to metal flakes.

One of my favorite piece

This was one of my favorite items on display. The helmet is a mixture of airbrush, painting and get this.. comictones etched on it. It costs RM 1500.. if it is around 800 I could have justify buying this half faced helmet.

Custom bicycles

There were cool customized bicycles on display. Most of them could not be ridden but there were someone riding around in one of them. It is quite a funny sight to watch as the handle was so high when the pedals are almost touching the floor. 😀

I am quite pleased to see the automotive art of the local artists in this event… Kinda feel at peace somehow.. knowing you are not alone doing this. 🙂


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