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  • Haze Long Portrait Brush Set

    iPad Procreate set of 22 brushes created by me for Portrait sketching and painting.

    To install :

    1. In your iPhone/iPad running the Procreate app, open email received, under Downloads – click on link. See screenshot for instructions. Please check your spam if you can’t see the ‘Your order is complete’ email.
    2. When the link is loaded, click on Open in Procreate. See screenshot for details.
    2. Save the Brush Set on a cloud service, such as iCloud Drive or Dropbox.
    3. Open Files app on your iPhone/iPad and navigate to the Brush Set.
    4. Tap the .brushset file to open it in Procreate/Procreate Pocket.


    I cannot see/didn’t receive any email saying Your Order is Complete

    Click on this link – 
    Sign in and in the sidebar to the left, theres a Downloads link where you can click and view your brush set downloads.
    If you do not have a login, pls purchase the item again for free and register an account while you do it in order to have the login.

    I can’t open the .brushset in my Procreate app 
    You might have open a zip file instead(it will be a .zip instead of a .brushset), for this please unpack the zip file and save the brush set to your iCloud/Dropbox so that you can access it on your iPad. Tap on it and open with your Procreate app.

    You also need Procreate 4 in order to import .brushset

    Still have problems downloading?
    Download the second link called Manual download.

    Pls credit me if you share my brushes.

    Any donations will go to the creation of my videos and my lunch. :p


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