There’s a very good Italian restaurant in Le Meridien called Favola, it serves good ala carte and buffet as well. If you are into Italian food with a little twist in the recipe served in beautiful plating, then this is the place to go for a Sunday dinner.

Their menu is rolled and wrapped with an embossed leather strip. Very classy and elegant. The waiters there are knowledgable (and opinionated!), they can give good advice for your food selection.

This time, KY and I were joined by Ciki(middle) and her husband Josen(left) to sorta have a farewell dinner for Damien(right). Damien was the guy who invited us to Le Meridien for all the previous occasions. He’s leaving Le Meridien and cuz of that, he was quite relaxed …abit on the naughty side that night.

An useless side note : All these happened on the 27th August 2012, when he was a Level 0 Paragon in Diablo III. Today, he is Level 39 Paragon. Cis.

Ciki and KY’s cameras. All of us is embracing the trend of lightweight cameras with flash guns that’s bigger than the body.

Buffalo mozzarella cheese, some bread to begin the night and grilled jumbo asparagus with poached egg

Creamy Mozzarella with beef bacon, Gelato with Strawberries and Deep fried breaded mozarella

To my horror, when the appetizers came they were spooned by everyone at the table and were almost empty by the time I got to my spoon. One does not skip any food in Le Meridien. Ever. Good bacon and cheese is precious and hard to come by these days for me.

The appetizers are around RM 40 each. I would definitely recommend the Asparagus with poached egg.

That’s my clam chowder soup there. The thick broth of meat, clam and peas are covered with a serving of bread. Definitely the most unique soup there but the legendary soup to try is the mushroom soup. I had a spoonful of that and it was expailidoucious.

Soups are also around RM 40.

I had the Grilled Angus T-Bone steak, to be honest I thought that rare was the furthest you can go when it comes to having some bloody slab of meat. The waitress there suggested that I tried blue, where the meat just briefly grazed the heat enough to sear the skin. The blue meat inside can get to tepid temperature very fast  so you definitely need some red wine to pair with this to keep the heat going for your palate.

This piece of heaven cost RM 135. Very worth it.

Ciki’s main was the Full baked Boston Lobster, I had a bite of it and the texture of it is unforgettable. Love the slight tate of lemon chermoula and the buffalo mozzarella on the meat. It’s the most expensive dish on the menu, going for RM 230 for a full lobster and RM 120 for half.

Then Josen had the Black Angus Ribeye Florentina and there’s the Risotto with pan seared sea scallops. By the way, if you managed to drop in during their buffet, they have a squid ink risotto that’s black in color. That’s very nice!!

Full menu here!