Shot this tutorial recently, curled the hair in a jiffy and was rushing through the shoot cuz the mom was chatting outside. This look enhances the shape of the eye, making it more defined yet keeping a natural feel to it.

By the way, this is the last tutorial that I will be using the 88 pallete. I will be changing to the 120 pro-pallete from now on cuz its better.

So brows first, from the 88 palletes use shade 87 on the brows.

Then use shade 32 or some shimmer eyeshadow and apply all over your eyelids and on the inner corner of your tear ducts area. It should just light up the areas, instead of creating another colour on your eyes.

Then use shade 76 and apply on the eyelids, avoid the crease of the eyelids. Just blend from the crease upwards and dab abit on the outer corner of your lower lash line. After that, get a white liner and line the inner corner of your tear ducts abit more to get the colour to be more prominent.

After that, use shade 88 and line your eyes like above. Just line it for the outer corner of the eyes and slant up.

Finally, use a light shimmer and line the crease line so that the double eyelids will be more prominent when you open your eyes.

Use concealer to line your lips and smudge them towards the center. Then apply a light colour lipstick and finish with lipgloss.

Finally, glam up with mascara and some false lashes.

So what you get is a natural look that enhances your eyes, now it has more depth to it but it looks natural at the same time.
But you gotta use the right shade or else you will look like you have darker or lighter eyes. Pick the first eyeshadow tone that is closest to your skin tone.
With night light, the shimmer at the outer corners show and your eyes will be more defined this way. 🙂 Have fun!