here is a full post covering my basic makeup routine from start to finish!
It is a neutral kinda look and its suitable for day makeup!
Brows application process :
1. Using a light brown shade matching your brow colour, draw one line at the end of your brow
2. Blend towards the rest of your brows.
3. Using a dark brown colour, draw another line at the same place right at the end
4. Blend inwards, stop blending when you reach the middle of your brow.
Using Shade 1, brush it on your brow bone. This is the area right below your brows. Blend downwards.
Using shade 43, its like an ash brown colour, pat it all over your eyelids. Blend towards your brow bone. It should reduce the yellow tones of your skin and give it a powdery look.
Using shade 66, brush it at the outer corner of your eyelids and blend well. it should just create a transparent shadow over your current colour.
Now use shade 77, a dark brown colour and shade a line over your lashline(both top and bottom). Apply til you reach the middle part of your lashline.
This is how it looks when its open. Blend the dark line u just drew into the other colours.
Line your eyes with a pencil eyeliner for a softer effect. For your lower lashline, line it halfway.
Curl your lashes with an eyelash curler. Hold it with your lashes between the clamps for about 5 seconds and release.
After that apply mascara, some mascara need several coatings for the lash elongation/volumizing effect.
Apply blusher over your cheeks! You can use the pink shades in the pallete, just use your brush and swipe over a few of them.
Apply lip balm to your lips if it is dry or cracking. After that, line your lips with nude/light pink lipliner if your lips are abit dark or bluish.

Dab abit of lipgloss on the center of your lips and smudge it by pressing your lips together a few times.

Now that is how an alien can transform into a hot chick. My life is so sad.. lol

Anyway, I made the clothes that I am wearing!!! Nice onot!!

SEE!! Dipping V back with X back straps. It felt marvellous to be able to make something that resembles what you see in your head.

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