Have you been to Forever 21’s Facebook page or Victoria’s Secret fb page? Did you notice that their landing page is a big banner? You can have the same for your Facebook page too in just 3 simple steps!

Big banner when people visit your Facebook page

I have recently done the same for my Paintlust Facebook page and its really easy to do this..

Clickable banners for your Facebook fan page.

Step 1 : Install the Wildfire iFrame app

Click here and click on Install this app to continue..
You will be prompted to choose a page to add to, select your page and continue.

Step 2 : Creating the banners

Before you continue, you have to design your banners and photos. Make one picture for each link and they have to be 520px wide only.

Insert your html

After you have designed your banners, in the iFrame app’s Fans view type in your html.  I usually do a clickable image link something like this :

[html]<a href=”http://linkhere.com”><img src=”http://imageurlhere.com”></a>[/html]

Stack all your html up in the Custom HTML text box. When you are done, do the same for Non-Fans view Custom HTML.

Save and Preview, continue editing until you are satisfied.

Step 3 : Make this tab your landing page

Now you need to set this tab to be the default tab when people visit your Facebook page. To do that, go to Edit Page > Manage Permissions > Default Landing Tab

Make it the landing page!

And set the Welcome tab to be the default.

There all done!

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