This is a simple look with dark dark dark dark dark smokey eyes and some bronzer to lift the structure of your face.

The tutorial uses my new Coastal Scents product, the Warm 88 Pallete. It has lots and lots of neutral tones, shimmers of all kinds for bronzing and face sculpting. It is the same price as the rest of the CS products, RM 80.

As everybody’s skin tone is different, I cannot do the usual numbered pigment way of tutorial. Instead, I will leave it up to your creativity and um.. intelligence? First use an angled brush and fill in your eyebrows with a dark brown colour. After that pick a milk colour and use that for your brow bone.

Start your eye makeup with a dark brown colour. Dab close to your lashline, clean your brush and blend in a circular motion upwards. Brush abit on your lower lashline.

Build up the intensity of the colours by using a darker colour this time. I use black cuz I am going to a photoshoot later. Dab close to your lashline and blend blend blend.

Continue building colours if you want. After you are done, line your eyes with a black liquid eyeliner.

Use a camera and take a photo of your eyes, it should be a gradual smokey effect. However, if its not smooth use the brush and blend again. Repeat until it looks like the above.

Use a sweet pink blusher for your cheeks. After that if you have any shimmer, apply the light ones on the top of your cheek towards your brow bone. Lightly brush over your nose bridge. Use a darker bronzer shimmer over your chin and T-zone.

For a gyaru look, use lipliner and line your lips slightly bigger. Fill your lips with lipliner and finish with gloss.

I bought some new extensions and wanted to try them out..So I straightened my hair and clipped in 6 extensions.

This is the result 😀

You can have a more dramatic look if you build up your eyeshadow even more. You can also use other colours as well. The technique is the same.

Hope you like it!