Wine left to right:, Monte de Peceguina ‘Tinto’, De Bortoli ‘Family Selection’ Cabernet-Merlot, Finca Las Moras,’Pacha Mama’ Organic Malbec, Monte de Peceguina ‘Rose’, Arthur Metz Pinot Gris, Monte de Peceguina ‘Branco’

My blogging adventures brought me to Bangsar Shopping Center’s The Pressroom recently for Winetalk’s Online Wine Shopping and Delivery service. You can check them out at and order wine from their extensive selection. The wine will be delivered to your doorstep by Room Service Deliveries.

Celeste started the afternoon by introducing the sommelier, David Stephan. He will be introducing 6 wines for us to sample with some food pairing. Anyway, you can order wine in bottles or get them in crates of 6 or 12 bottles. They are all selected and paired by David to guarantee your satisfaction. You can have the crate are automatically delivered to you monthly or every 2 months.

Also, if you are more adventurous you can try their Wine Journey. Wine Journey is an exclusive service that introduces wine explorer to new cases of wine hand picked by David. The case of wine will be delivered to your doorstep, you won’t know what wine you will be getting though. That’s the beauty of it.

We first had the Monte de Peceguina ‘Branco’ from Portugal. This white wine  is from the Soares’ family’s wineyard. A fairly new business, they built a Top-of-the-art winery in 2003. The wine is abit too acidic for me. It is like a strong awakening into a superhero kinda feeling. Aggressive, sticky, sweet and rich. It’s a Port wine and the painting on the label is drawn by the Saores’ daughter.

I figure that this wine would be good in cold weather, when you want a rush of warmth before you have a meal. We had the roast prawn paired with this white wine.

The Arthur Metz Pinor Gris is the crowd pleaser for that day. The white wine won the girls over with its fruity sweet scent. It is a very light wine, gentle and with a lingering taste of sweetness. One thing I learned that day, grapes plucked earlier are more acidic and sour. The grapes for this wine picked 1 or 2 weeks later thus resulting in a sweeter taste.

I was really looking forward to the Rose’ wine. However, drinking the Monte de Peceguina ‘Rose’ from the Saores family alone result is a slightly bitter aftertaste. The acidity level is high as well. But when it is paired with any BBQ dish, the wine transform miraculously to becoming the best match ever. We had it with the Cold Cuts with bread.

Clockwise from top left : Roasted prawn, Duck and beef with pumpkin puree, Cold cuts with bread, Pepperoni pizza

The next wine Finca Las Moras, ‘Pacha Mama’ Organic Malbec from Argentina is a man’s wine. Heavy and comes in a dark, bloody red color. It’s the darkest wine of the day and the flavor is a precarious balance between bitterness and sourness.

De Bortoli ‘Family Selection’ Cabernet Merlot from Australia is a very complicated wine. I love this wine actualy, it has a very complex neutral tone to it, as if the process was done very carefully. It has a deliberate lingering taste of sweetness. Very slight though, and it smells like chocolate. An aggressive but enticing wine.

Our last wine of the day is the Monte de Peceguina ‘Tinto’ by the Saores’ family. The wine was aired and poured into a decanter for half an hour. It’s to let it breathe and to separate the aged particles from the lot. Therefore, the wine glass is also bigger to give more room for breathing. By letting it breath, the carbon dioxide bubbles form and the wine turn more flavorful in return. Basically only older wine needs to be given room to breathe like this.

The wine smells like sweet berries,it is light and lively.

Michelle and I at the event

Ok check out and order a crate today. Let me know if you have any questions!