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Category - Coding

Deploying Rails to Centos : Capistrano


Thank you for following this series, this will be the last part of the series where we actually bring our development app to our remote server. Learning Rails has been a tremendous journey for me, the learning curve…

Deploying Rails to Centos 5 : Gitosis


Why use GitHub when you can have your own? Hehe. Gitosis is a nice way of having your very own private repository. And it’s free! It just takes a while to set it up. Deploying Rails to Centos…

Deploying Rails to Centos 5 : Passenger


Now that you have a proper rails and git stack in your remote server, it is time to get serious and start deploying. Because I have already set up the VirtualHosts for Passenger, I will be skipping that…

Deploying Rails to Centos 5 : Ruby, Gems & Rails


Hi there, if you have been following this series you would roughly know that I am trying to setup a remote Centos server to house my rails apps. After installing Apache, mySQL and Git, we are now ready…

Deploying Rails to Centos 5 : Git


Welcome to the rails deployment series. Today, we will be installing Git on your remote server. I am not going to go into the debate of SVN vs Git. *yawnz. The purpose of installing Git in the remote…

Deploying Rails to Centos 5 : mySQL


Hello, this is part two of the series! If you have played with Rails before, you would know that the default database is SQLite. That is fine for development, for production having mySQL is better for handling more…