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Category - Geekery

Deploying Rails to Centos 5 : mySQL


Hello, this is part two of the series! If you have played with Rails before, you would know that the default database is SQLite. That is fine for development, for production having mySQL is better for handling more…

Deploying Rails to Centos 5 : Apache


This is part one of another series. I sorta lost my shell history so I figured I might as well blog it out so that I can has a reference next time. Bear in mind that I started…

Guide to HTML5 new tag elements


HTML5 includes a whole new load of tag elements that are more descriptive compared to HTML 4.01. I have been itching to try the new tag elements and see what it offers in our browsers today. This is…

Maya Abstract Tutorial – 3D Modelling


Recently I have been fascinated by 3d abstract art. They look awesome and surreal. I had a notion to renew my blog design (again) and was inspired to do something along the lines of this style. I started…

Migrating from Blogger to Joomla


I am writing this tutorial for frustrated peeps out there who are still looking for a way to transfer blogger posts and comments to Joomla. I am using Jcomment and the core content component of Joomla for blogging.…

Photoshop Advance : Digital Makeover


Yo! Was busy with the bazaar.. it is finally over!!!! My photographer went awol but there is a photoshoot planned tomorrow/wednesday, so makeup tutorials coming back soon yea..