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Category - Blog

Selection of Artworks from Art Expo 2012

Blog, Happenings

I collected a bunch of artworks from the Art Expo 2012 held in Matrade recently for my own references. Is being generous and sharing with you guys. Hehe. Anyway, this post is really really really…. long with lots…

OMG Another photography trip

Blog, Happenings, Photography

Recently went to alot of photography trips. Love photography max!! This time around, we went to Taman Pertanian for a cycling trip slash photography trip. As usual before going, I MUST pack EVERYTHING into my bag. I am…

Trip to Penang and why Penang food pawn Klang Valley’s food

Blog, Happenings, Photography

This trip to Penang was a sombre one. KY’s sister and her family is migrating to US. It is not easy for a kid to handle an influx of emotions especially when it means leaving a comfort zone…

Awesome dinner at Favola, Le Meridien

Blog, Photography

There’s a very good Italian restaurant in Le Meridien called Favola, it serves good ala carte and buffet as well. If you are into Italian food with a little twist in the recipe served in¬†beautiful plating, then this…

Photography Trip to Butterfly Farm

Blog, Happenings, Photography

Something soft focus to start the story. I have this urge to make up a bedtime story. Please indulge me. Twice upon this time, amongst the lilac forest, there lived a kingdom of butterflies. Omg really?.. Please one.…

What happened during Raya 2012

Art, Beauty, Blog, Photography

Most holidays, I stay coped up at home facing the good old Apple but this year’s Raya is a series of eat-athon & photography. Ever since I got my new camera, we’ve been to photography excursions in our…