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Are we defined by numbers?


I love numbers. I thoroughly enjoy mathematics when I was young. Recently, I’ve harboured such great hatred for numbers. Salaries, instagram likes, Facebook likes, revenue, profit and age. In this day and age, we are competing in numbers.…

The right way to run a business, does not exist


I graduated 10 years ago and was never employed since then. It was one of the best things I have done for myself. You may think, ‘Now I will join the rat race, learn from my superiors and…

Demystifying Color for Artists


I’ve been painting for 20 over years now and only recently, I’ve begun to finally understand the concept of color and mapping color to tonal values. The vast amount of techniques, information and color wheels out there are…

How to take care of paint brushes


Often a time I see other artists abusing their brushes and it just irks me. During one of my mural projects which involves 20 other artists, I left my brushes lying around. To my shock, I discovered some…

iPhone & iPad game Bloom Box Walkthrough


Bloom Box is an addicting puzzle game with hours of exciting chain reaction gameplay developed by NexxStudio. It’s a plant based puzzle game where you plant seeds in a sequence to trigger the growth of other plants and stars. Triggering the…

Using LESS for WordPress with Espresso

Coding, Geekery

When it comes to developing original themes for WordPress, the development time spike up when there’s a need for a responsive theme and the clients keep implementing changes. Instead of overriding css with stricter rules and creating a…

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