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Tag - chinese new year

Gu Yue Tian


It’s Chinese New Year. This time, its very different for me compared to last year. I had the pleasure of spending my pre-CNY days at a few amazing chinese restaurants. Gu Yue Tian was one of them, I…

CNY Movie Marathon


The date was 20th February, 2010 and it was still Chinese New Year. There were lots of movies playing at the cinemas and I was itching to watch some of them. McGarmott, a colleague of mine, had previously…

Chinese New Year.Valentines Look 2010


Chinese New Year coming di….and the depression is doubled with Valentines! I think I meant happiness. Let me guess, a lot of couples will be separated cuz they have to go back to their respective hometowns this year.…

MACC Chinese New Year 2010


The previous Saturday, I went to the 2nd edition of the MACC stand up comedy at PJLA. I would have totally missed it if Jen Han didn’t ask me for some advice regarding their poster design. -_- I…

Chinese New Year in Penang


I am finally back!!!! phew.. I went to Penang for my CNY holidays.. It was just like what one of my buyers said, “The whole KL traffic will literally migrate to Penang.” She didn’t mention that it includes…

Chinese New Year Look


Hi everybody.. I am so stressed out.. hope yall can help me with this.. You all know I have been selling the pigment palletes all these while, in the beginning everything was fine and dandy. I wrapped them…