Fill in your brows with a light grey shade. I use shade 8 from the 120 Pro Pallete

After that I apply blusher to my cheeks and dusted some shimmer around my brow and cheek bone.

To start the vibrant eye makeup, I use shade 79 for the inner corner of the eye.

Then I use shade 106 for the blue eye shadow. Be careful, blue pigments are very strong in colour. Tap your brush to get excess pigments off the brush before applying on your eyelid.

Now for some creative painting! Get shade 54 and paint just below your brow bone. See the slightly darker area just above the blue?

Then, apply shade 80 on the brow bone. This time around, it is the last step instead of being the first step.

Use a liquid eyeliner and line your eyes. Keep the lower lash line thick but make the upper lash line thin.

Apply some mascara and put on your false lashes!

Gloss up your lips! Go easy on the lip colour since your eye makeup is quite heavy already.

This is how it looks like when its done. 🙂

Hope you like it! The makeup suits loose curly hair and some bohemian accessories.