I am a box of solutions. I can solve your design needs, coding, development. I can do photography when you need, be your model, shoot videos, cut videos. put effects and objects into videos, make you pretty using makeup and hairstyling products. make designs, print stuff for you. i can advice you on everything above and paint your wall if you want. design and make your car pretty if you want. even your phone.

It’s a toolbox.

What happens if everyone don’t have such problems that my Box can solve?

Then I am nothing but a box of rubbish.

What happens when the box is malfunctioning or spoilt?

Why am I a Box of Solutions….when I can create the tools to solve your problems.
And it won’t be spoilt. And I just sit back while you use my Products to solve your problems.

Now I am the product. Haze Long is the product. I don’t wanna be the product.
I don’t wanna be the box all T_T

Now I am the box, trading away hours + health + brain to solve your problems. I am your computer, your Photoshop, your FTP, your camera and your cosmetics. That’s stupid when I can create a product to do that and I just chill.

I wanna create products. (or I can turn other people into my box)

There is some great work involved in getting my brain to think this beyond. It all started when there is talk of me getting involved in the next biggest empire on earth. Then I replied sadly, “But I am nothing. I am just a bloody designer.”

To which the someone just replied, “Yeh… you do not have enough skills right…”

I pondered and wondered, “How can I not have enough skills, I mean I feel that I don’t have enough too. But how can I feel this way when I can do so many things. I can design, photoshoot, paint, code..I have a perfect package.”

To which someone replied, “Yea.. you are not focused on one. On a product.”

But I wasn’t listening already, “Yea.. I have everything I have a box of solutions ready for anyone who wants it. But when they don’t, my solutions are just rubbish.”

And that’s how I got to think like that.

You know when I did Blushberry version 2, everything just felt so wrong. The design felt wrong I was keeping to the common standards of a blog. Making do with available technology like archives, categories, twitter just like any other people who wants a blog on the fly and just chuck it in.

Then the function of the blog cannot really be achieved by available technology. I tried to make do with less, with what common people would do. I tried slideshow, chat, forums, shop systems cuz they were AVAILABLE. Everything I tried it just felt fucking wrong. Then I had to rush cuz my previous blog was breaking and it looked worse than all the other web dev I did for my clients.

Hence what you see here today. Hence what you see at all the other blogs, even at designer’s blogs etc. I need to find the problem and solve it regardless of what is available in joomla/wordpress or other fucking retard plugins or technologies that is available today.

Every other blogs too. Ok I am going to try. for the next one I do. Then I am gonna solve my fucking problem with my website.

After that I’ll solve my Box of solutions.

You know why I am excited, because when I think of solving the problems I have with my website I know I will solve it. It’s gonna look different, catered to what I want you to see. But the best part about this biblical revelation is, I will love my website so fucking much. It’s gonna look different cuz what I have in mind is so mind boggling.

Just like when Nokia and other phones had keypads and Steve Jobs showed a phone with a screen and just one button. No one could understand that a phone could look like that until they use it.

Who the hell determines that blogs have to have categories, archives and comments. Who the hell determines that it has to have a header, content and a footer. Now even a fucking sidebar. It’s not like you need it before you start seeing them appear in blogosphere and webosphere.

Now a template for everything is created by the masses.

So fucking tired of innovating blogs with available technologies, mix matching. It’s time to invent.

So. Guinea Pigs now. *evil grin*

Damn how do I continue to be a box of solutions when i am in this state now + I have jobs lined up.

The damnest best fucking part of this process is sharing this with you and have you see me on my journey. Man, I feel fucking high now I can imagine you reading this when it appears in your RSS feed or your browser.