This is a super easy and mega fun hairdo that you can finish in minutes! Suitable for shoulder length hair as well. As long as you can achieve the bun, this hairdo is for you!

  1. Tie a loose ponytail, leaving out 4 sections of your hair (section behind your ear and also the entire headband section). Tighten the ponytail by tugging the lower ends. This will make the top of your hair go puffy.
  2. Spread your hair into 2 sections just above your rubber band. Tuck the ends of your hair in between the 2 sections to make a topsy ponytail. For more help, click here. Tie the ends of the ponytail with another rubber band.
  3. Take the ponytail end and tuck it into the topsy. Pin in place.
  4. Make 4 braids with the 4 remaining sections of hair.
  5. Tuck the front sections inside the bun. Secure with pins. Drape the back sections over the top of your head like a headband and pin in place.

Tada! I would love a thicker braid across the top of my head though. One can only wish for so much hair….