Yesterday, Vinn and I dropped by the Burberry Beauty counter in KLCC Isetan for a review of their products. We came from GokuRaku Ramen in Mid Valley and were dying of thirst due to the amount of spices they used in the soup. Jazz invited us for this review and she had been waiting for some time already and had not had her lunch yet. Being good samaritans, we wanted to finish the review before quenching our thirst.

Burberry Spring/Summer Collection 2012

Inspired by the Burberry Prorsum Runway Collection, this British Summer collection celebrates warm shades in their color pallete. The whole collection is available in the counter at Isetan KLCC.

Fresh Glow : Luminous fluid base

You have got to try this product. It is smooth, light and luminous. What is luminous? There are actually small speckles of reflective pigments and a tiny application of this on your face will make your skin glow brighter. This is one of my favorite products in their line.

RM 165 retail.

If you are not a fan of liquid foundation you can try their compact foundation for RM 180.

Sheer Powder packaging

The powder is also light and gives a matt finish to your skin. To balance off the luminous base, you kinda have to use more of this. While the luminous foundation looks great indoors and for evening events, in outdoors it may give off a slightly oily look to your face. So do remember to use more of the powder if you will be having fun outdoors.

RM 185 retail.

Iconic lines of the Burberry check and architectural columns

What I love about their packaging is the magnetic closure for every product that is encased in metal. This minimizes the chances of you losing your covers and caps. Not only the cover is adorned in Burberry’s signature check details and cubic distortions, the powders and the lip stick are also shaped the same way. Very pretty.

Light Glow natural blush collection

Their moisturizing blush is heavily pigmented and glides on the skin easily. They also have a range of bronzers for your vacation needs.

Blushers go for RM 140 and Bronzers go for RM 158. 

Lip definer pencils

What I love about Burberry Beauty is their range of lip liners. Lip liners are a rare find nowadays, especially if you are looking for near-nude frosty colors. A frosty pink lip liner is my staple diet for  covering shadows on my lips. Some of the liners in the market are too sheer for my liking, some are too dry. Their lip definer pencils are opaque and comes in natural waxes and vegetable oils to improve firmness in the lips.

Goes for RM 75.

From left, Lip Mist, Lip Cover and Lip Glow

For the lips, they have 3 range of product. Lip Mist is a translucent application of color tinters. Lip covers are good in coverage and opaque in their color (a little dry for my liking). Lastly, they have lip glosses called Lip Glow that are real juicy.

Vinn testing her makeup

Our experiments started with their lip range. Here we go!

Vinn testing Lip Cover (above) and Lip Glow (bottom)

The Lip Cover is light in texture and feels very hydrated on the lips. However, it is not as long lasting as we thought it would be. One Auntie Anne’s lemonade is enough to smear it away. This calls for frequent checks in the mirror. RM 96 in retail.

The lip glow is light as well and just juicy enough to give a subtle plumping effect to the lips.

Using the same Lip Glow on different Lip Cover colors

The Lip Glow lacks in color tinting and the final color of your lips depend very much of the color of the lipstick beneath it. If you are looking for something moisturizing and light, this is the lip gloss for you. It is a little bit catered to a more mature audience as younger consumers usually seek mirror-reflective finishes with a liquid glossy effect. It goes for RM 89.

2 different Lip Mist colors

I love their Lip Mist products. I dislike lip colors that are dry and have too much pigments in them. That is just my opinion though. I like to be able to use a bright red lip stick to stain my lips instead of giving me tako-lips. This does the job perfectly. It is light and something new that they just launched. However, they tend to glide around if you know what I mean.. Erm. A good analogy would be if you accidentally bite your lips, the color would be smeared due to the extra-light texture. I am not sure how much this costs though.

Makeover by the artist

The last thing to do is to get a makeover  by the in-house makeup artist.

Base for the eyes

First they use a base for my eyes. Ok now I am wondering why do I even bother writing that sentence.

Eyeshadow on the lids

Their eyeshadows are beautiful! Subtle subtle pearlescent effects. RM 105 each.

Foundation tested on half of my face

The left part of my face (facing you I mean) are coved with foundation. It is brighter and it glows(slightly).

Sheer powder for the face

The powder sets it in.

Eyebrows and eye liner

They currently do not have a eyebrow color range, which I do not mind cuz I have always used eyeshadows for my brows anyway. Gives me more control over what color to use depending on my hair color and the look I want to achieve.

Then they use the Eye Definer for the lining. The result is smooth and water-resistant. Goes for RM 78.

Mascara before and after

Their Effortless Mascara is quite a steal as it contains marine plant glycogen that accelerate fibre growths and strength in your lashes. As with all their other products, it is light and protective. You can see the difference the mascara gives on my lashes(left). My lashes weren’t curled in both photos. Goes for RM 108.

Lip Cover and Lip Glow for the lips

Jacky, the makeup artist continued the look with a Lip Cover and Lip Glow.

Light Glow for the cheeks

Eh I learnt a new trick that day. A slanted application of the blusher. I always have problems with blush application cuz my face is long and cheekless. This is a good trick. 😀

Purchase above RM 380 to receive these gifts for free

OK, if you drop by the counter and splurge for more than RM 380. You get a Lip Cover and a Makeup Remover for free. the Makeup Remover is a steal. All you gotta do is apply on your face, massage around your eyes and on your lips. Then wipe it off. Real simple.

The promotion is valid til 6th of May.

Jacky the makeup artist and me

Btw, my braces is on! I had to liquify a weird distortion in my lips. T_T

Our samples for this review

Vinn and I got away with some samples to try. Looks cute and compact. 😀