Our finalized elephant gate without the car changes.

We finally finished the wall. It was painful, difficult but in the end we just gaped at it for long periods of time. Feeling every ounce of pride our 5 feet bodies could allow.

Multiple walls of art.

And it even continues to the next wall. Note that we left out the kid’s corner. lol.. damn.

Continuing art on the other side of the wall. with a little yellow bird.

That’s a close up of how it looks like from perspective view.

Vinn and I started to work our magic on the final wall.

With that wall done, we started to work on the other wall. We quickly divided jobs. Vinn was to work on the horse and the milkman and I would fix everything else.

Painting the building and beer stripes is alot of work. Plus the cart too!

I finished the cart easily with Matthew’s base. I had a tough time working on the buildings cuz the colours were all wrong. In the end it worked out alright. When I worked on the beer stripes, Vinn was already pretty much done with the horse.

Vinn worked on the horse and milkman.

Vinn did an amazing job with the horse. 😀 Now comes the milkman.

Mr. Happy. I managed to paint Mr. Happy and crack Vinn up.

She blended and asked for me to help with the face. Yeh so I had plenty of experience working on portraits but I managed to fuck this up at an epic level. lol. The milkman look so ridiculously happy that Vinn could no longer work on it without cracking herself up. Lol. Ok for disclaimer’s sake, I blame it on the size! The brushes are too big for me to work on the details. Plus, if you notice, the milkman’s nipple is right on the switch. Fucking hell.

Vinn fix Mr. Happy.

Vinn could finally fix Mr. Happy. with geometric shapes just like in the mock up. lol.

I couldn't help but add some stuff there. OMG its just triangles.

Ok done. I added some eyes and mouth. Better than Mr. Happy. He is Mr. Nobody now. It’s all good. lol

The final mural. Done. Job Wrapped.

Phew. That’s all done. Looks awesome. 🙂 Finally its a awesome job wrapped. Great experience and Vinn is really a pleasure to work with. Reminds me of our Uni days. Only that we are now shopping for groceries instead of make up and clothes. FOL

Paintlust official pix for the time. I guess 🙂

This would do too 😀

What’s next?

We are now officially a team. and working on our company registration for my web design/dev stuff and her paintlust. Yes, Paintlust will nao be under Vinn Pang.

On other note, we are seeking like minded people to join our team. Preferably an all rounder when it comes to art, design and web. English proficient and outgoing, crazy and utterly passionate about ramping up Malaysia’s art & design scene. If you are interested, email me your portfolio and resume at hazelong@gmx.com.

We are currently based in PJ, so if you are nearby that will be great. We will only be getting an office space sometime later in the year or early next year so for nao its home based.

Complete Carlsberg Wall Mural Series