Preparing brushes and paint for the staffs

Early in the morning we got our asses to Carlsberg with our new bought brushes, cups and aprons + gloves. They are all for the staffs to paint.

Awesome colours that costs a bomb to purchase

The wall painting has plenty of tones, I separated them into 22 colours so that its easier to manage and divisible for the groups of staffs. We mixed the colours into each cup for the employees. Note the vibrant coloured clothings that Vinn is wearing that day.

and the horde came in. *pening*

At around 10 plus, the staffs came with their kids. For a long time Vinn and I just stared at the crowd without knowing how to deal with them.

Our emergency crowd handler

Lucky for us we have a clown to help us entertain the guests. Balloons and tricks however, is not just his forte.

Piper leads the children to art.

He even knows how to get them into a line for face painting.

Vinn doing face painting.. (Hence the red stockings she wore)

Vinn happens to be our face painter for the kids. She prepared for the day by dressing in vibrant colours. Later in the day, she complained to me that most of the adults do not take her seriously cuz of that. lol. I guess red stockings is not a good choice when you are in a corporate event no?

Artwork on a face. Another kind of canvas. Another kind of humour.

One of Vinn‘s artwork on a child’s face.

An unfinished art for all eternity

If you have read my first Carlsberg post, then you would know that we prepared the globe for the kids to paint on. However, they have decided that the entire wall is their canvas and started making art all over it with thumbprints, palm prints and brushes. Its funny how humans love to create art when they are young and slowly begin to dismiss the skill later in life. We hope that the kids would realize that creating art is making visualizations come to life and is an essential skill to projecting their ideas and concepts to the world.

Can I have more paint please?

For the adults however, we are really grateful to them cuz they really helped alot and they are very very zealous about the whole project. They were all given a piece of paper like a puzzle piece, asking them to fill certain areas with their chosen colour. They painted everything they were asked to even though some of their children were vying for their attention halfway thru.

Who says I can't paint this?

Some of the kids were so determined to paint the complicated elephant gate and they did a pretty good job at it. At the end of the day, Vinn and I looked at each other and wonder if even children could paint as well as the adults. We were worried at first about the adults not being able to follow the draft lines but they managed to do just that without any issue at all.

Søren Ravn, Managing Director of Carlsberg painting the elephant

And of course, there were photographers around taking pictures of the event and various personnel of Carlsberg Malaysia of all posts and ranks were there participating in the fun- filled event.

Even the clown is painting. Vinn Pang becomes the clown.

Eventually, the clown decided that he would do no more tricks and he wants to paint. He paints with a jealous Vinn Pang looking as. Since both of us are not painting that day, we just have to content ourselves by looking at other people paint.

Group photo time!

Finally, both walls were completed and we breathe a huge sigh of relief. Phew. we did it. One of our first events. Many is sure to be coming.

Phew.. all in a day's work

Could we have completed the wall without their help? Definitely not. Damn, I feel freaking alive. My life is back. Thanks to Vinn. and Carlsberg 🙂

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