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Daily Makeup 0827


I love this look, so vampiric! Something different compared to what I have done before. Hair Divide hair into 2 bunches left and right. Curl inwards towards your face. Take 2 stands of hair just above the ear.…

Daily Makeup 0826


Green smokey eyes with heavy lower lashline shadow. Long falsies and Burberry creme lips. Feather earrings from Diva.

What happened during Raya 2012

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Most holidays, I stay coped up at home facing the good old Apple but this year’s Raya is a series of eat-athon & photography. Ever since I got my new camera, we’ve been to photography excursions in our…

Braid it! Tuck it!


This is a super easy and mega fun hairdo that you can finish in minutes! Suitable for shoulder length hair as well. As long as you can achieve the bun, this hairdo is for you! Tie a loose…

Rock it! Smudged Eyeliner Look


If you are into Gothic makeup or you need some dramatic makeup for that rock concert, this look is for you! It is subtle enough to be worn to a variety of events or you can exaggerate it…

Quick Fix // Perfect Lashes


Sometimes when you are in a hurry and just happened to miss a few details, it can be quite shocking to look in the mirror and discover that your falsies are stuck too far apart from your natural…