Hey girls!! Today, we’ll start something new!
Mimicking celebrities’ looks and makeups!
Well.. to start off the series.. we will try and get the Keira Knightley Look.
ps. Our final photo has been retouched to match the background, lighting and her hair.. cuz the model doesn’t have long hair 🙂
The makeup is genuine though 😀

So, before we start.. we have to understand Keira’s most prominent features.
Just 2 important notes, that’s all :
1. Thick and full eyebrows
2. Heavy under eye makeup

If you see the photo above… that’s actually her most prominent features and makeup artists love to play these 2 features up.. while keeping her face and lips as bare as possible.

Now that we know her secret.. we will try and create her look!

First, apply foundation as usual.

After that, use concealers on these parts of your face… your eye area.. the area between your cheek and nose .. and finally your lower lip line.
Remember to apply more concealer on your eyebag area as we are going to go heavy in that area with a dark color, you don’t wanna look punched 😀
After that, pencil in your brow.
The important thing is not to drag the tail(ends) too long or too far down.
Fill up the higher parts and lower parts to make it thicker and fuller.
Use a soft brown coloured brow pencil.
After that, use a darker shade of brow pencil and fill in these parts(in the blue area) with feathery strokes.. as if you are drawing in extra strands of hair.
Now, comes the eye makeup.
1. Fill your brow bone area with a white matte pigment
2. Apply shimmery white pigment to the corner of your tear ducts
3. Apply a brown pigment on your upper lids.. blend well. Now apply them on your lower lids as well.. This is the important part remember?
4. Use a dark brown/black colored pigment and apply at the outer corner of your upper and lower lids. Remember to blend well
5. Use the shimmery white and dab on the inner half of your upper eyelid. When you open your eyes, you will see that your crease is more defined at the inner corner of the eye (like in figure 6)
6. Use your eyeliner and line your upper lash line. After that, line your lower lid. DON’T line the full length instead line the CENTER part only..
Curl your lashes..
Use the kinda mascara which has a white end and a black end.
The white base gives more volume and length to the lashes before you apply the black one.
Coat your top and bottom lashes heavily with the white base if your lashes are thin and sparse.. Otherwise, just do it the usual way.
Finish up with the black mascara.
Stick on a false eyelash on the upper lash line!
For your lips.. Smudge a nude lipliner all over your lips to soften the colour of your lips.
Use a very pale orangey pink lip gloss/lipstick over your lips.

Finally, finish up with blusher.. a pale pink colour will do!

Have fun trying out!!