One of my Minako’s idol is Rainie Yang Ceng Ling.. She is fanatic about her. And to thank her for being my model so many times I decided to do a look that would make her look like her favourite celebrity.

This is the result. Photoshopped the color of her hair and the mole. The rest is makeup.

First I start by applying shade 57 from the 120 pallete on the brows.

Then I used shade 52 on the brow bone.

After that, I apply shimmer on the eyelids.

To transform her eyelids to double eyelids, I tried the glue but didn’t work. FML. So I ended up using the cellotape for the job. After that I reworked the eyeshadow shimmer over the cellotape.

Then I used a liquid eyeliner and lined around her eyes before glamming it up with mascara.

I finished the eye makeup with false lashes for both top and lower lash line.

Then, I apply blusher over her cheeks and a soft pink colour for her lips. Finally, I apply a generous amount of lip gloss over her lips.

For her hair, I curled her hair and attach hair extensions to get the lengththat I want. After that, I clipped the top half of the hair to get the Rainie Yang look.

She had been dying to do these kinda poses ever since I take her shots but I was too advant-garde, forcing her to pose in white concealer for the Aries look and with hair all over her face for the Pisces look.

Can’t go wrong with these kinda look in poses or photography. Lighting were bounced off the top of the ceiling from my flash gun.

At least, she has a few photos of her smiling now. lol. It was all either cool or corpse like. lol.

Ok enough happy photos already. It so does not suit my emo photo style. :p
Dedicated to you my darling.. I love you long time!!