Chinese New Year coming di….and the depression is doubled with Valentines! I think I meant happiness. Let me guess, a lot of couples will be separated cuz they have to go back to their respective hometowns this year.
Finally, all the fine dining restaurants will be empty!!

2 weeks ago, Michelle drop a comment in the shoutbox at the bottom of this page asking for single eyelid makeup tutorials. I told her that I do not have single eyelids and said I would make one if she models for me. She said, “Ok.” After a few emails, I searched high and low for a Chinese Fan that I can use for the photoshoot. Finally bought it at Living Cabin!

When Michelle and Mark came, I was down with flu and looking like a regular Indon girl ( I am Chinese, fuck you!!). Michelle went into my room, saw my photos, pointed at my 9 year old sister’s face and went,”Ha? That is you?? I thought that’s your sister and you are the little girl in there!”

Yes. I know. My face cannot make it without makeup. I admit ok!

Ok ok let’s start. Here is Michelle’s eye. I used shade 54 from the 88 pigment pallete for the eyebrows. Refer to this pallete for the colour codes.

Then, I took shade 12 and brushed over her brow bone to highlight it.

After that, I used Majorca Majolica’s silver shimmer and applied to her eyelids.

Back to the 88 pallete, I used shade 33 and brushed over her upper and lower lashline.

Now, I take shade 44 and apply it at the outer corner of her eyelids to give a shadow effect that emphasizes her crease.

Then I dab abit of shade 43 and 76 to deepen the shadows even more. I applied it and brushed towards the browbone. This created a shadow effect for the fake lashes later.

I lined her eyes with black liquid liner and was careful enough to slant the ends upwards to make her eyes appear bigger.

Then I used shade 88 and brushed over the eyeliner to blend it with the eyeshadow. This softened the line and created a more natural look.

I curled her lashes and applied Maybelline Magnum Mascara on it. Then I sticked on the upper and lower false lashes. I used the Taiwanese Lashes and the Lower Lashes from my Shop.

For the finishing touch to the eye makeup, I used concealer and drew a line from her outer corner of her eye in a curve downwards. Then I filled the line with Shade 1 and 2 with a thin brush to give it a nice colour. You can use any colour, just remember to apply the concealer first so that the colour stays there.

I finished her makeup with a pink blusher and a light gloss for her lips.

For her hair, I just twisted it into a knot and made a hair bun out of it with a red chopstick (hair accessory kind).

Have fun practicing for CNY and Valentines! I always welcome anyone who wanna be my model for the tutorials here. If you are interested, drop me an email! I may make another look for CNY if I am free. 😀