SHASHIBURIIIIIIthere are a few reasons why i avoided blogging these few days..the main reason is i was being overboard during the fashion show..

I dropped from 48 kg to 39 kg.
cuz i kept working without eating or sleeping..

don’t believe me?

This is the photo taken during the event. It is completely untouched by photoshop. Look at me.
(obviously i will photoshop it until i look human for the actual post)
Can you see my elbow bone jutting out?
My boobs dropped cup size. wt*
You can even see my collarbone, it’s as if the skin is barely wrapping my body.
my cheeks is sunken
and i look as if i have hair loss.

and I am not even posing right! usually I will pose so that I will look thinner.. I do not even have to do that here.

How do I do tutorials when I am in such a state?

Hence I hired a producer for BlushBerry. Right now everything is scheuled, and I eat and sleep at the appropriate hour.
I was sleeping at 7 am.. waking up at 2 pm.. how crazy is that.
Now I am currently 42 kg.. still trying to put on weight.
Don’t tell me that I am lucky.
My own father told me that I am ugly right in front of my face. T_T

Anyway, to celebrate the skeleton that I am..
I am still thin, sunken cheeks and all. and guess what.
I accidentally afro-ed my hair. The hair u see up above is blowdried and straightened.
there goes my hairstyling tutorials.

Anyway, no more bout me or my woes… today I am gonna show you a classic doll look.. big eyes..suitable for events or prom or costume events.
let’s start!

As usual, shade 73 for brows.. for those who are still using eyebrow pencil and is wondering why my brows is softer n more natural, its because I use the pigment pallete and an angled brush!

After that, the regular shade 1 for brow bone! It is a pale whitish yellow colour btw.

Since I am gonna use alot of eyeliner today, if I pile up more eyeshadow, I will look like a panda. so go very neutral for the eyemakeup. I used shade 45 for the base. You can’t see a thing in the photo cuz its the same colour as my skin. You should use the pigment closest to your skin.

After that, a slightly darker colour for the outer half of the eyelid. Shade 67..

Now comes the fun part! Line your lower lashline with white eyeliner like so.
After that, line your eyes with black eyeliner. Cover your whole crease entirely with black eyeliner. For the lower lash line, remember to line below the white eyeliner.
It may look weird here.. but from far your eyes are gonna look like….
This is how it looks like with the eyes closed.
For the cheeks.. grab swatch 31 to 75 with a blusher brush.. You can also use any orrangey pink colour.
For the lips.. remember to line them with frosty pink lipliner or nude lipliner.
Dab a dot of red lipgloss in the center and smear them all over your lips!
nightmare chick.

Ok. back to gaining weight. Gonna eat chocolate cake!!

Next post very soon…
BlushBerry Boutique is updated as well, all thanks to my new producer.
He is so hot. it makes me melt.
as if.