This is a look where you can have any colour and it still works! I invented it.. (as if its as massive like Einstein inventing e=mc2)
It is really fast and easy and it looks cool too! (hence the title) You just need :
1. light colour -for browbone
2. 2 shades (one light, one darker) of colour as the base
3. one other strong colour like blue, red, green, pink, orange, purple, black, white.. etc etc
For tools you need :
1. eyeliner, mascara
2. angled brush
3. eye make up brush (fingers/tips work as well)

First you have your brow bone.. Apply the light colour (usually whites or light beiges) onto your brow bone.

Then use the lighter shade of your base colour all over your lids. I am using gold here.
Then blend in the darker colour on the outer corner, I used bronze.
Then, using your angled brush (mine is just a paintbrush cut into the shape of an angled brush.. cheapskate me), take the strong colour and line your lash lines like you are doing your eyeliner.
After that, use your black eyeliner and line only the outer half of your lash lines top and bottom.
Mascara and lashes then you are ready to go!
Simple isn’t it?
You will get the her-eyes-is-gold-but-how-come-i-see-blue effect everytime you open and close your eyes!

Heh. Now proclaim me the owner of my invention.
*ridiculously proud*
(I shall stop blogging using weird punctuations)