Sometimes we are poor.. and cannot afford makeup services from professionals..
and we hope that our fairy godmother will come and bestow us the most wonderful dress and give us a makeover that lasts until midnight.

In truth, there is no fairy godmother, if you want something… work hard to get it by yourself..
unless your fairy godmother is your boyfriend -_-

So today, I will show you the means to get a beautiful prom makeup all by yourself.. with or without fairy godmothers or boyfriends 😀This artistic look is done using temporary tattoos that you can get anywhere in malls or beauty shops like sasa or bookstores as well!
I was so hyped I even tattooed my ring finger! it’s so cool!
I will do a series of tattoo makeup.. the next one with be dark gothic.
First of all, when you buy your tattoo roughly estimate the size to suit your makeup or eyes or wherever you want to have the tattoo on.
You can be outrageously intelligent by drawing the design using your eyeliner, you will most probably be late for your event but if that makes you happy… go ahead.
Just remember 2 things :
1. the tattoo will be mirrored cuz you need to flip it to transfer it to your skin
2. do the tattooing before you apply any foundation. Remember to wash your face and dry it properly beforehand.

The temp tattoos nowadays have improved alot since I last used them which was like 10 years ago.. I remember having to wait after wetting it for about 15 minutes.. Now, the temp tattoos can be peeled off immediately after moisting it with water.

There, the tattoo is reversed and is facing your eye in the correct direction.
Now, apply your foundation and concealer on your face. Avoid the tattoo.
When you powder your face, remember not to powder the tattoo accidentally.
After that, do your brows like usual.. If your tattoo goes over your brows like mine, don’t bother avoiding the tattoo. Just fill in your brows like usual even though you might have to go over the tattoo.
Next, use Shade 1 from the 88 pallete, its a very light white shade btw.
Shade your brow bone area, from the skin at the bottom of the brow and blend down.
Avoid the tattoo.

For the eye makeup, let’s start with the bare eye first. Use shade 49, which is an ashy teal colour on your eyelids.. blend nicely… avoid your lower lashline.

After that use shade 39 and shade your crease. Its a light lavender colour.
Line half of your lower lash line as well.

After that, use shade 6 which is a light dusty blue colour on the inner corner of your eyes.
Move on to the tattooed eye. Use shade 49 again for the eyelids. Avoid the tattoo completely.
Then use shade 39 for the crease and half of your lower lash line. Avoid the tattoo.
Lastly, shade in no. 6 at the inner corner of your eyes.
Use shade 39 and roughly blend from the outer border of the tattoo outwards.
1. Use shade 6 and lighten the previous shade a little bit.
2. You can do stripes of various colours in this area.
3. After you are satisfied, use your eyeliner and dot some lines to ‘fool’ all your friends into thinking that you drew the tattoo yourself with the eyeliner.
4. Finally use various colours to colour in the tattoo.
Don’t ask me why I suddenly decided to line my eyes with blue pencil liner first. It’s difficult to explain all the creative reasons when you are so caught up in art.
Anyway, it’s to make your eyes look more intense when you apply your black liquid liner.
Remember to line the outer half of your lower lashline only.
Not everybody has blue liner, I understand.. if you don’t use the edge of the q-tip to pickup a strong blue colour from the pallete and line your eyes!

After that, use the black liquid liner to line your eyes again. If possible, make it thinner than your blue line so that your blue line still shows. 😀
(I dunno why everything looks green here lol)
Apply false lashes as nessecary or just glam up with mascara.
Use the 2 stripes of pink in the 88 pallete for your blusher. You know what to do, just swipe your brush over both stripes.
For your lips, it’s best to downplay it cuz your eyes is supposed to be the one drawing the attention!

There, all done!
Who says you need a professional makeup artist for this look!
Oh match your accessories to your tattoo design ya…
Now get going to your ball cinderella!

You can always change the tone of the makeup to another colour.. say green.. or pink.. or brown… just remember to change the blue liner according to the colour you are using.

If you realize your tattoo has become powdery or lighter in colour just lightly swipe with water.. Do not use oil based products on the tattoo as that will completely remove it.

Oh, one more thing before I forget… if your fringe is short, please clip it up!
If you leave it down, it will cover the makeup and that isn’t good right!

**// Little Notes //**
My havoc week is over… I am still doing damage control.. refunds will be announced by email..
Courier service for palletes have successfully transferred to Gdex.
Sales will now resume as usual.
There will be 2 more posts this week!
Look out for it!