Since I broke my ankle, I been ordering food delivery non-stop when one day Mcdonalds said that they are closed and I decided to try Domino’s Pizza. I was surprised to see that the ordering process is very smooth and fluid, free from bugs. It keeps your order in the session if you forgot to add it to cart as well.

My delight heightened into shock when I saw their GPS tracker.

Domino's GPS tracker. Gimmick or Awesomesauce?

Convinced that it is just an animation that is pre-timed and playing just to make customers happy, I kept the window open to see if the tracker is real. It just sounds too good to be true. It tracks right from the moment the order is placed to baking and right up to delivery time.

Time shown when the current action has begun

The amazing easter egg. What is an easter egg? It is something that you do not usually notice in a website but if you play around with the website long enough, you will bump into a surprise script or two. In this case, when you hover your mouse over the current status, the time that they begin that particular process will pop up.

2.07 pm - Baking

See? The baking started at 2.07 pm. Is this too cool or what?

Before delivery-2.10 pm

Sure enough, when the status hit Delivery, in less than 15 minutes time a motorbike zoomed passed my gate with a horn.

The javascript for this cool widget

This is the script that handles this cool widget. It basically refreshes the widget and sends back the status from the Domino’s restaurant.

So the verdict is people, YES it does work. Happy! *Munch Munch*

Have you seen other cool technologies in other food delivery websites? I want to know!