One of my hobbies is driving aggressively, whether in go kart or gt5 and of course, my car. I have never really blogged about this before though..hmm. Anyway, when KY got an invitation to drive the Lotus Evora to JB and back I was really excited and can imagined all the good things that will happen.

We arrived at Proton Malaysia to be greeted by some of the meanest cars around.

Audi R8 in matt blue, from

A Lamborghini Super Veloce

Porsche Carrera 4s

A quick sketch I did during breakfast. Left page - Carrera, Right page - GTR

There were also a GTR during the trip, other cars include the Panamera, Ferrari and Lotus Europa. For the most, we get to drive a Lotus Evora.

Lotus Evora on display

Our ride however, is automatic and comes in dark grey.

Our ride for the trip

We were escorted by the Police in heavy traffic areas, thankfully. The car is great, handling it feels like the other cars on the road is parked. Kinda like the king of the road. The comfortable speed was around 160 km/h but I think our car managed to touch 260 km/h at a point. It is responsive and it took some time to get use to the brakes, which is much more responsive compared to my car of course.

In the passenger seat

I managed to drive on the way back and enjoyed the car immensely. The car is comfortable and sensible at high speeds but once you near 230 km/h you can see the mirror wobbling and shaking outside. Slightly scary but thats what you get when you have a need for speed.

Sketching during the trip

I never leave without my moleskine these days.. unless it couldn’t fit in my new bags. I have finally upgraded to leather bags you see, I used to only have ONE bag for EVERYTHING until it spoils. Regardless of the circumstances or event I use the same bag. How fashionable right.

Super Veloce and some Xmas decorations. 🙂

It wasn’t a very good trip for me but the car made it worthwhile. Guess you can’t have it all when you are a girl. Best if you just sit in the passenger side and be a nice christmas decoration that we are made to be.