diamonds are a girl’s best friend..
Looking at them makes you feel lighter, happier and prettier..
ya right..
here’s a rich tutorial for you!

brows and brow bone done the usual way.. I used brow pencil today cuz someone blocked the way to my angled brush and the 88 pallete.
I squirmed through to do my brow bone with shade 1 though.. it’s talc white color.

Assisting today is Kim from Temptious Art and Pearl from Bunny Noo.
Kim read manga while I makeup and Pearl hold the SLR.
I used smokey ash brown for my base color.

And a dark brown for the 2nd colour.

After that I lined the outer corner of my eyes with black liner pencil.
I did the pink teary area too.

After mascara..

And falsies, yes its Opera from my lash collection. finally back in stock.
Awaiting customers can rejoice, I’ll be posting them soon

Please do not do what I did. I used the bling bling sticker for handphones.. If you plan to do what I did, please remove the adhesive sticker and put eyelash glue at the bottom to stick to your face.

I even did part of my hand.. and hence all the same angle of my face in all the photos.

So shiny… weeee~~

I wish I had a grey cap similar to this though.. then I could do more eh..
but no matter, the shoot is over.