This marks the first explicit look!!!
Explicit looks are dramatic looks we do to experiment photography and makeup..
You will get to see all sorts of weird makeup and photography techniques such as using sugar to reflect highlights, baby oil to get a sexy sheen and much much more cool techniques..
Oh and also photoshop techniques.. We will be starting back our photoshop series.. on editing and creating designs.Today, we are doing the Hard Punk Rock look.. a very hardcore dramatic makeup inspired from an artist in Deviantart.
Few weeks ago, a reader requested for a Glam Rock look in the shoutbox.. we swayed from the topic~~ LOL

Anyway, in the Explicit series we will share the techniques we use for makeup, photography and photoshop as well.
For Photoshop techniques, this post features cropping away unwanted details to better focus on the makeup.

Eyebrows.. colour from the 88 pigment pallete.
As I wanted to focus on the eyebrow, one of the eyes can be cropped off as only one side is needed. I tried tilting my head to get the lazy-careless effect.
Base eyeshadow, also from the 88 pigment pallete which is also available in US Coastal Scents.
I have no idea why I love sleepy eyes, maybe because they show the makeup more clearly and they look good with fake lashes on. 😀
Vertical Photographs of the eyeliner makeup. 2nd photo to the right is for makeup reference. It doesnt really matter how much I open my eyes cuz the eyeliner completely covered my eyelid crease. Woes of being an Asian.
Glitter at the corner of the lower eyelid.
The glitter can also be purchased here.
I cropped off the upper eyelids because I only wanted to show the glitter on the lower lid.
All the slanted photos are not rotated in Photoshop, I actually tilt my head during the photography session.
Lashes and nude lower lip.
I used real lashes, Opera.
I look really scary here.
Anyway, I used Make Up Store’s Dawn black lipstick for the upper lip.
I photoshopped the blue contacts in and rack up the contrast alot. At least now there is a tiny tad of artisticness in this photo, the original photo is really scary.
I just use Curves in photoshop to brighten up the whole image while keeping the dark areas pure black.
I wonder if yall watch Nana, the anime before. I love their dressing, it consists of torn clothes.. with holes and such. The Black Stones band in Nana is accesorized with Vivienne Westwood’s jewellery and they look really really cool!!!
Does this photo looks artistic?
or do I look as if I am crying cuz I am so ugly.. LOL
or am I trying to scratch my face off.
I dunno, you tell me.