Don’t forget to send me presents.You can go to Cheras Leisure Mall, right outside of Giant supermarket.
There is a big Christmas tree there with wishes hanging on the leaves.
They are children’s wishes.. Pick one and give them a gift ya!!!

Today’s photoshoot was the craziest, most uncomfortable and the FUN-nest shoot EVER!
Guess what is the stuff on my face, the first one to get it correct I’ll send you a Christmas bashing present.

Anyway, listen up those who bought the pigment palletes!!! I have a video tutorial coming up soon..cuz I found out some of yall are quite confused and aren’t getting the results as shown in this blog. So check back this friday ok!

Makeup Tutorial below :

Brow bone highlights
Shade 1 from 88 pigment pallete
Base Colour
Shade 11
Shadows at outer corner
Shade 66
White eyeliner at the inner corner.
Black eyeliner at the outer corner.
Shade 7, 18, 29, 40 for Blusher.
Pink lipstick with Red lipgloss dabbed in the center of the lips.

One of the newer lashes that I am selling, this one is called Diamante.

After the makeup and before the craziness begin.

Craziness #1
We started putting on XXX on my face. They keep falling off though and we ended up putting water over my makeup before putting XXX on.
One of the first pose I tried. I didn’t dare blink or open my mouth or smile.
This photo looks different from the one above cuz I apply a photoshop filter called Alien Skin Exposure 2. It simulates film looks. That’s why the highlights and the shadows are extra harsh.
Craziness #2
White Christmas eh?
Want to have the same effect for your irises?
Just use the Dodge tool in Photoshop, dodge the highlights and midtones of your irises until your real iris’s colour show!
Craziness #3
I gathered my courage and opened my mouth and bit an envelope.
This shot was difficult. I was afraid of making XXX fall off my mouth.
I photoshopped the words and snowflakes in.
Oh by the way, I didn’t photoshop my face much, I couldn’t due to the amount of XXX plastered on my face.
All I did was crop and apply the Exposure 2 filter.
Craziness #4
Old poster look.. Cyan shadows, Magenta tones.
Haha.. alot of X’s in this post.
:Merry XXXmas:
I bought the dress I am wearing from Oh-Popsicles.. I love it!!

Craziness #5
How do you spot a blogger?
1. Randomly takes photos of EVERYTHING, from food to cloud shapes
2. Have the craziest titles and labels for their posts and photos (eventhough sometimes the posts and photos are not interesting)
3. The females are camwhorers while the males are blog-up comedians
4. Able to write something totally irrelevant/abstract when describing a photo, people will still read them regardless.

Craziness #6
Sometimes I hate my big sausages, but sometimes they come in handy for shots like these..
At the end of the day, I still hope I don’t have sausages for my eating hole.
I like this shot the most, the XXX are showing up nicely here!

[end craziness]

Have a crazy christmas.. if your christmas is sensible, add some XXX to your christmas.
much love.