Vinn emailed me this tutorial a week or two back but I was too busy and chaotic with my own problems (as usual-how many times did I escape recently). Well, here you go the tutorial for Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland.

First off, if you have white concealer or foundation use it. Try not to use body paint, it cakes and makes wrinkles visible depending on the brand. After that, set it with white baby powder (unless you have porcelain white face powder but I am guess you do not look like a ghost :P)

You know, I am interested to see the results of you testing this makeup on your boyfriend or brother, even father. 0_0 haha. Anyway, on with the tutorial, put on a shimmering light blue cream shadow on the eyelids. This will be the base colour and apply it halfway across the lids.

After that use a darker light blue on the outer half to create a crease effect.

Then, use dark cobalt blue near the brow bone and blend it well.

Now, because the whole face is white, you will need to do some contouring. Use an ash brown colour to contour the nose(think opera makeup). Do it with very light and subtle strokes.

Use light blue on the lower lash line. Below the light blue line, use a gold brown colour and sweep it up.

Now imagine you are painting, use dark orange over the gold brown part. Then use maroon and build up the colours. Finish off with dark brown colour at the edge.

Use black liner at the lower lash line. Do it just at the outer part. If he does not screech, quickly draw the line over the water line. 🙂 I am not joking, thats the way to do it.

Now get your double mascara, those that comes with white fiber and black mascara. Use the white fiber as the mascara. After that dab with white eyeshadow/powder to make it even more obvious.

You need to do contouring again, brush the ash brown colour below the cheekbones.

Use a lip brush and apply a magenta red colour on the lips. No gloss is required.

After that, put on a MacDonald wig and a hat. 😀 The model’s name is Kevin Han, Vinn’s guy.

Anyway, I will be going to Tenggol tomorrow night. I won’t be here for some time. I will still work and do some posting cuz I have like 3 more blog posts scheduled. *Horror*

I will mms postcards when I am away. 🙂 and may blog from my iPhone. 🙂 See ya. Ciaos.