Daily Illustrations & Paintings

A new artwork I did, can be found from now on at art.hazelong.com It’s a little project that I decided to start, I’ll be doing illustrations or paintings everyday. Some of them will be available for prints purchase, as t-shirts at Threadless or original canvas auctions.

What’s the difference from Paintlust or my other design work, you ask?.. The main difference is there is less scavenging for references or morgue files so it is twice as pure and original. All the inspirations for the illustrations will be from my life.

I recommend that you subscribe to the RSS feed for art.hazelong.com so that you can receive all my illustrations daily. Since they are all just 2 sentences with a picture, I suppose it is a quick bite of inspiration every morning when you check your email. 🙂

OK this is just an obligatory pollution for one time, after this, all artworks will be shown in the sidebar to your right –>