This is something fun that I’ve did today. If you are mono lid then this is the tutorial for you to get that double eyelids going. However, if you have double eyelids, you can still do this tutorial. Just follow the steps below!

You will need eyeliner, fake lashes, eyeshadow in shimmery white/yellow, brown and black.

  1. Put some shimmery white/yellow on your brow bone
  2. Using the same powder, dab the shimmer onto the center of your eyelids
  3. Use an angled brush with brown eyeshadow or eyebrow pencil and draw the line of the crease that you want to create. It is easier if you draw just above the eye socket and below the brow bone. You can easily feel that is is softer at that point and the lines goes naturally according to your curves.
  4. If you are mono lid, draw your usual shape using a black liner. You don’t have to do it as thick as I did. For double eye lids, we are now going to get rid of our natural crease in order to use the new one drawn in “3”. Draw the liner up to the crease of your natural lids. So that when you open your eyes, it looks like you have single eyelids instead.
  5. Use the same brown eyeshadow again and softly dab from the “3” line you drew upwards. If you mess up the shape, you can use the shimmery white/yellow to correct the shape. 🙂
  6. Finish off with fake lashes or mascara. 🙂

Hope you guys like it!