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Buying Art

Where do you release your artwork first?

All artwork are released simultaneously across all platforms. The fastest way to get updates is to follow Haze at her instagram or subscribe to this website’s updates via email.

Why are some art available for bidding only?

When an artwork is launched, it is first placed for bidding through for 5 weeks. After 5 weeks, if there are no biddings it is released for purchase through this website. The reason for this setup is to encourage visibility for Haze’s artworks in other art communities.

Why are some art available for 'Buy Now' only?

When an artwork is released, it is first released for bidding for a total of 5 weeks. After that it will be released for instant purchase in this website. Prints are available for instant purchase only.

Can I commission an artwork from you?

Haze does not do commissions at the moment.

How do I bid for artwork?

There will be a link for each painting that you can click to go to the auction page. Each auction goes for 7 days and you can bid within that period of time against other bidders. Once 7 days is up, there will be an email notification should you win the auction. You will then make a payment via PayPal to Haze.

I really want to buy your art but it is sold/being bid.

Sold artwork are not available anymore unless prints editions are being offered.

If you would like to buy Haze’s art when it is being auctioned and you do not want to go through the lengthy bidding process, email her. She will inform you of a ‘buy now’ price which is higher than the bid and should you accept, she will sell the artwork to you for that price.

Payment & Delivery

How can I pay?

Only Paypal payments are accepted at this point. You can make payment using your credit card via Paypal.

Are there simpler mode of purchase if I am from Malaysia?

Yes! Email Haze and she will be happy to set that up for you in local currency.

Shipping information

Always include your phone number for shipping.

When will my artwork be shipped?

The artwork will be shipped only when it is dry. If the artwork is scheduled for display in an exhibition, you will be informed of the shipping delay.

How will my artwork be packed?

Artwork will be packed once it is dry. It will be covered with grease paper to prevent semi-wet paint from being damaged. Then it will be bubble wrapped and packed into a cardboard box. Prints and gifts might be included. The various types of gifts differs from time to time.

How much is shipping?

There is a flat rate of USD 10 for any international purchase for all paintings unless stated otherwise.

How will my artwork be shipped?

Artwork is shipped via registered post. It may take 2 weeks or more to reach you if you are an international customer. For Malaysian customers, it will take 1 week to reach your doorsteps.

All oil paintings will be shipped in May 30 2017 until further notice. SOLO EXHIBITION Hotel Jen Penang, April 9