Weee~~ I am featured somewhere in between pages and colorful ads in female magazine, November edition.

Good way to start the month eh?

Workout log week 1


I have been longing to work out and have a better stamina and a toned body. I used to be an athlete when I was young but I gradually lost my stamina and physical fitness as my boobs grew. fml.

Gym is too expensive for me and I do not have the discipline to get up and drive over to another location and work out. Plus, I am clueless what regime to follow and probably need to get a personal trainer.

Tracy Anderson vs Sylwia Wiesenberg

So, I opted for workout videos. Tracy Anderson is fehmes for distorting celebrities’ diets and forcing them to do embarrassing things. Last I read, she put Jennifer Aniston on a baby food diet. @_@ Her videos are catered around dancing moves (she used to be a dancer) and I am hopeless with body coordination. So I went for Sylwia’s Tonique method. She was a gymnast and that is a familiar ground to me as I used to have gymnastic classes when I was young. All the reviews were raving about how advanced and difficult it is, catered towards advanced body builders. So I went and get myself a mat and a pair of light weights.

Day 1

I put on my shoes and attempt the workout. After 5 minutes, I felt like I could die. My heart rate was racing, body dripping wet and the instructor was saying, “You can do it, you can do it”.

My ass.

It is darn difficult. The moves were simple enough, but they require you to flex your stomach muscles so that you work out your abs at the same time. Plus, depending on the moves you have to flex certain muscles at certain points too.

I gave up after 11.21 minutes. And that is like 2 sets after the warm up.

Not today.. just not today.. I went out for a smoke and realize what a bad shape I am in, my nose were dripping with phlegm. lol. Non-stop.

Results : Found my physical limit in terms of stamina and heart beat rate.

Day 2

I woke up feeling sore in my biceps, upper back and leg calf muscles. I realized I couldnt do the Tonique today cuz of that so I quickly set up a workout to target other muscles.

I worked on my abs, triceps, chest, thighs, lower back and shoulder. For single weights workout I just used 2 kg dumbbell and for double I work with a pair of 1 kg. I tried to be funny and work out with a pair of 2 and ended up groaning while I try to finish my 18 reps.

Basically, I did 3 sets of 18 reps but for those that require left and right side workouts, I did 2 sets each.

It was alright, the struggle was there but I couldnt do half the workouts for my chest and lower back. That’s where all the fat is I guess. Lol.

The burn felt great and hopefully tomorrow I will feel the muscle ache, which means I get to target my calf and biceps tomorrow.

In comparison, the Tonique gives a much higher heart beat rate and requires both stamina plus strength to get thru the workout. However, my hands are shaking everytime my triceps are in use now.

Results : Found out 2 weak spots in my physique- chest and lower back.

Day 3

Despite the light weights and high number of reps I woke up feeling like an old grandmother.

I was thinking I could work on strength building today instead of the high reps calorie blasting workout. Apparently, I couldn’t move.

Day 4-6

For the next two days, my triceps hurt so bad I couldnt even bend my arms when I sleep. I think I tore some muscles. It hurts really bad.

It is painful near the tendon part. The woes and consequences of using momentum to lift weights. WTF was I thinking.

The next day my triceps were better, they just felt like my arms were really tired.

Day 7

Today my triceps felt great!! It felt tight n strong for some reason I do not yet understand. And so ends the first week, not the greatest beginning but one to remember. 🙂