I am sure everyone is buzzing about Ringo’s and Audrey’s fashion label Foruchizu. From what Ringo told me, the name of the label actually comes from their names, which is so clever.

Fourfeetnine + Cheeserland = FourCheese.


I went to Isetan 2 Sundays ago to support them. It’s really so difficult to start a new business once you are married, so I really respect these girls for doing this. There is just alot of plans for the new family and then there’s the new commitments. To slot in a business plan, you need to account for pregnancies and the idle time that comes with it. So drop by Isetan 1st floor and check out Foruchizu’s fashion items k!

That’s Shah in the lower left photo box, one of the Nuffies that regularly handles KY’s account.

I bought a pair of panty hose from them. I have a crazy love for art on panty hose. Is super love!!!

Just so happened that one the day I visit them, it was their fans meet and greet day. So jelly of them, you do need some kind of celebrity power to attract fans who travel to see you. Awesome right?

Right next to the stage, a Japanese jewelry brand, EM was showcasing their trinkets. I really love their jewelry, or particularly Japanese jewelry. Ringo showed me another brand that she love, Ahkah. The interesting factor that defines the style is the size. Its 18k gold, so it’s pretty soft and bendable with mild force, yet all the jewelry are so thin. Less than 1.5 mm thin. And the necklace chain above? One jump ring is about 2mm diameter. Thats really minuscule.

I think the size thing is really smart. First of all, all the stones that are set in the metal are ridiculously small due to the size of the jewelry. It’s their style right. But the smart thing is with the size this thing and small, the cost of material are lowered. Also, by keeping the band and chains small, it’s easy to create a contrast of size when you place pearls or stones. You can put a small pearl and the pearl will look relatively large. Japanese art is all about contrast anyway, super thin lines with big blobs of bold design.

I adore their style. Hehe I am very into jewelry and accessories lately. 😀

Check out Foruchizu and EM at Isetan KLCC 1st floor. They will be there until January