Hello! This is a cool makeup you can try for the upcoming Halloween! Remember to moisturize your face before attempting this. This tutorial is done with basic makeup tools like brushes, eye liners, liquid liners, lip liners, blusher, eyeshadows and face paints in white & black. Wow, didn’t realize I used my entire arsenal of tools. Nearly.

  1. Eye liner – Skulls have empty eye and nose sockets, so we are going to sketch this in.
  2. Apply white face paint. It is important that your face paint is not cakey and dry if you want your makeup to last the whole night. You can always mix with your foundation or thin it down with water.
  3. Apply black face paint and clean up the edges with a small brush.
  4. Contour face with blusher and gray shadow. White face paint can really make your face look flat so we are going to do some contouring here. Use bronzers or blushers on the side of your nose and below the eye sockets. Give your cheek a sunken skull look with grey shadow.
  5. Liquid liner – Draw a line from your ear to the other, passing through the middle of your lips. Paint the inside of your lips black. Then fill in the teeth marks. They look abit like stitches don’t they? Then draw a cobweb on your forehead. And then maybe a heart between your eyes. You can also extend some swirls below your cheek(See photo next to instructions) Finish off with a beauty mole!
  6. Fill the cobwebs with grey shadow, blending downwards & draw the lace for the eye sockets.
  7. Lip liner – draw filigrees above your eyebrows & below the eye sockets. Roughly sketch a rose at your chin.
  8. Liquid liner – Fill the rose with a lighter shade of blusher then line it with black liner.

I had fun on the day of this photoshoot(shot by KY).. Hehe.. Here are some more photos of this cool makeup.

Ate lunch as a skull

Threatened my brother into kissing me

Went to pick my sister from her dancing class

I parked my car and waited inside, 2 policemen came up and shouted, ‘OI!’ all of a sudden. Gave me a shock. Had a bit of a laugh after that though.