Most holidays, I stay coped up at home facing the good old Apple but this year’s Raya is a series of eat-athon & photography. Ever since I got my new camera, we’ve been to photography excursions in our garden where our outside cat shit. Good fertilizer.

Of course, we took the liberty to go to parks for photography as well.

The awakening of the Civet

Right before the holiday start, I rushed to finish up my latest painting for a mini exhibition. It’s gonna be sold together with Vinn and Michelle’s(my new staff!) paintings in Mojo Cafe. This particular piece is done on canvas, with paper pulp texture to hold the graphite and inks.

On one of our never-ending meals, what a term .. we do need to eat continuously for the rest of our lives anyway. Cis. Sometimes my brain is not up on par with my intelligence, I am telling you. Anyway, we went to Taman Desa’s Japanese BBQ. Not yakitori kind but just plates of food raw meat for you to burn and drop in the charcoal. Occasionally some may end up just nice and lands on your plate.

This place has delicious food. However, they are pricy. One plate of meat cost 8 bucks and has less than 10 slices of meat. If you really wanna fill up your gastronomical space, it might cost you 60 bucks.

If you head to the place later than 8.30, you get to wait for a long time. People are usually spending more time cooking and trying to get the waiter’s attention instead of chomping down their food. And they usually arrive in hordes. Which is what I like bout the place, the atmosphere is like a party!

I think we had Ba Kut Teh consecutively for three times already. And most of the times, I had to be dragged out of the bed and into the car. I can never fathom the idea of eating pork and only pork soup with rice for breakfast. What an indulgent start to a day!

Speaking of which, we went to movies too. I should take more portrait photos then you will know who are ‘we’. But the photos always end up being deleted due to my picky quality control, as if I am a pro :p

While waiting for movies, we hid in Mbuji and Pacific Coffee House to avoid the heavy influence of our inner shopaholics. It didn’t work very well, shopping was inevitable. Have you seen the photo of KY in a ladies’ glittering flats? Horrendous.

I do love tea time. It makes me feel British and who doesn’t love to play pretend.

Our escapades in food hunting brought us to Jalan Sayor where we debated over which crispy tofu stall is better. There are two of them and the one that has clippings of Chui Ling and her show on the mobile stall are the one that is lacking in texture. The other one is so crispy and flavorful.

I managed to take a cheat shot of a girl with a headphones. Street photography is difficult in the sense that they always notice you noticing them and taking a photo of them. She was looking away anxiously as I pretended to just browse my photos with my screen tilted. Good feature for peek shots like these.

Almost every day I paint my face and did my hair. I think I lost some of my confidence back when I couldn’t have a good photo of me taken. And also my ever protruding chin. Now that I have a camera AND braces, me confidence are slowly coming back. Funny how small issues like this can affect a girl so much. I would like it to be otherwise, but it is what it is.

If you do not know him personally, you should know he is a clown. that doesn’t stop. talking.