Happy new year!!

Compared to last year, there should be make up tutorials for Halloween, Christmas and the new year. 2010 was a heavy heavy year, without either a photographer or model I find it hard to have the discipline of making any more makeup tutorials. Nevertheless, I will try!

Coding with Rails..

I been really happy studying Rails full time. Rails is a programming language framework designed for the making of web applications. It is based on Ruby, the programming language. During my study, I found out that most of the gems(mini functions) and plugins for rails are named quirkily. Like Cucumber, a testing controller or Factory-girls, data insertion for testing or Paperclip, a fill managing tool. It is a fresh breath of change compared to consonant named plugins like PHP, CMS, HTML. Lol

My funds are running out real fast and I gotta do something about it. Not sure what I can do yet since my rails abilities are still at a very noob level. It is not something pleasant as I m lacking so much in terms of skills compared to people who started out younger. Despite stubborn efforts, I learnt how to slowly spend time learning instead of taking shortcuts. However, my stack of every-piling midnight oils may still suggest that I m rushing through things. Well, I m turning 25. 🙂

Seriously, now.

I have been much quieter online ever since I been in this relationship. I m surrounded by bloggers, tweet-pies who take photos all the time and are very active online. It is a bad habit of mine that pops up cuz I have someone to talk to. I mostly blog or tweet only when I m socially deprived. I simply do not find the motivation to repeat my thoughts twice. Also, the purpose for beauty blogging is lost when KY keep posting up horrid photos of me. In the beginning, it was easy cuz I just need to makeup if I am going out with him. Now, I feel like I need to wake up and make up everyday if I want to look good ONLINE. Sigh, I miss the days of anonymity. So maybe I shall reserve certain things for my blog. 🙂

Get some IQ, cen

Cendawan is my new cat. Sometimes, I feel like hugging him. Other times, I want to cook him. I am not a peace loving human. -_-

He knows how to play fetch. Just like a dog.

And he makes all sorts of position when he sleep.

Sadly, I am the only one in the world who likes KY’s dancing. Even Cendawan hates it and attacks him whenever he dances.

I tried to teach him piano, but he bit the keys and slept on them instead.

If you have not made any New Year resolutions yet, head over to 101in365.com to make your resolutions. I have already started on my list and checked off 9 items.. But I am still as messy as ever. and I will not shower everyday.