This look goes out to all the fun loving dreamers that are under the Aquarius star sign. I hate you for being so friendly and easy going, other people like me have to work twice as hard. I think some of the Aquarius qualities will leak into the star signs closest to them, hopefully I have some of them.

Not sure if I got this correct but I think there are two types of Aquarius, one the shy and gentle kind and the other, the flamboyant and show off kind. So I sorta catered the look for both kinds! It’s like a two-in-one look kinda thing.

Lala. Let’s start with the usual 88 pallete colours. Click on the link to view the shades that I use. I start by using 44 on the brows. Its a very light colour compared to what I usually use. The lighter, the better.

Skip the brow bone colour part and use a silver shimmer and dab all over your eyelid going up to the brow bone and areas near your nose but avoid the eyebag area.

After that, use your brush and dab on shade 60, 28 and 27. The 3 colours will merge to be some silvery moonlight colour. Apply over your eyelids right above the crease and use the leftovers on the inner corner of your eyebag near the tear ducts.

Then, merge shade 82 and 83. If you want a lighter colour, then dab a little bit more on 82 but if you want a darker colour, get more pigments from the 83. Apply on the crease of your eyelids and blend upwards. Line your lower lash line with the leftovers.

After that, get a blue eyeliner and carelessly line your upper and lower lash line. Make a few smudges and spots here and there. You can skip this step if you don’t want it to be so flamboyant but the result is barely noticeable from a feet away.

Line your lower and upper lash line with black liquid liner.

Use a clumpy kinda mascara, those that makes your lashes looks real messy and thick for the grunge kinda mood.

After that, apply upper false lashes. You don’t really need to put on fake lower lashes as it will make the makeup look too heavy with the spots and smudges.

Put on a creamy beige lip gloss that makes your lips look pale and ghostly, so to speak. :p

After that, balance it back with a slight rub of red lipstick around the corners of the mouth. This will sorta give your lips a sexy pout and makes them look plumper.

An orangey tint of blusher to go with the makeup and you are done! For those with the pallete, you can use 31, 42 and then dab a bit on the pinks for the blusher.

This look is best suited with messy and unkempt hair. So mess it up and go with da flow!

The best accessory for this makeup is light coloured contact lenses. Smoking sexy!!

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