Here is Aries’ makeup look. My entire family are all born under Aries. One thing about them, stubborn. Freaking stubborn. -_- This is Minako again, my cousin in the shot. I gave a stronger look for Aries, using the Garnet stone as a reference colour.

You would want to sketch in your eyebrows with a slightly darker colour, perhaps of the grey family. Use an angled brush for this. The aim is to get an oriental kinda makeup.

After that, use a strong red colour and apply on your eyelids, have fun creating your own shape. You do not have to blend this time. If the shape is slanted outwards, it will be a more oriental look. But if you want something more casual, perhaps a more rounded shape would make do. As everybody’s eye shape is different you may need to spend sometime applying and opening your eyes to check the effect.

This is how it looks with the eyes opened.

Then apply liquid eyeliner, draw it all the way to the end and slant it up. The trick is to make the line ends a tiny little bit after your eyeshadow.

After that, line your lower lash line.

Mascara and glam it up with fake lashes.

For the lips, use concealer around the lips to make sure the end result looks clean. After that, carefully apply red lipstick on the lips and layer it until you get the intensity that you want.

This is what you will get (if you are uber fair). If you are not made of porcelain, it will look more natural and less dramatic.

I tried to rotate the photo ala Joe Low style and it turned out pretty artistic. I am getting hang of cropping, flipping and rotating already.

This is slightly overdone in Photoshop. I was trying to get a dark room effect when the background is white. I had to invert the colours. Looks crappy in the end, but to a normal spectator : who can tell? :p

And this is how clean it will look when the lips are properly defined by concealer and red lipstick.