I am back!!!! I have resurfaced again from the dead and am once again among the living.


I can’t believe I had such a great haircut by Raymond at Shunji Matsuo Mid Valley and I did not make even ONE makeup tutorial with it. The haircut you see now is the second version done with highlights and shorter sideburns. The trouble with this haircut is that my right side of the face looks so good, I keep turning my head to get this angle in photoshoots all the time! *-*

I’ve decided to start a series of Horoscope Makeup looks that is updated every month. So this month is for Capricorns, head-strong and stubborn goats that aim for the best in everything they do. Colours that suit the Capricorn are shades of blacks, greys and browns. (No pink :p)

😀 Never thought I would feel so happy writing this line, “As usual, put on your concealer/foundation, powder up and fill in your brows.” I miss blogging. Brush Shade 1 or any light colour eyeshadow over your browbone to highlight it.

I cannot believe I bought a flash gun 2 months ago just for makeup tutorials and I never used it for that purpose until now. 🙁 Now all my photos are properly exposed and sharp. I can even do photoshoots at night! 😀 Ok, take your black liner pencil and line your lower lashline on the inside. Yes, the wet part.

Then, to make your eyes look even more intense, use liquid liner and line your top lash line and lower lashline.

Next, use shade 11 and 44 together and brush over your eyelid’s crease. Don’t forget to brush over the outer corner of your lower lash line as well.

Now take any shimmer product, preferably silver and brush it across your eyelids and the inner corner of your lower lash line.

Take black eyeshadow or dark grey (shade 88) and dab the outer corners of your upper and lower lash line. Slowly blend outwards.

Then, if you have any glitter eyeliner use it to line the inner corner of your lower lash line. Draw the line about 1/3 of the way. Put on 2 coats of mascara over your lashes.

Apply false lashes if you are going for an event or party. I used lower lashes and the taiwanese lashes for this look.

Apply a pale shade of pink blusher to your cheeks and top it off with pink shimmer, if you have any. Next, for the lips, use concealer and line the outer corners of your lips. It will make your lips look more evenly coloured when you apply lipstick.

After that, use a lip brush (so that you can be more precise during application) and fill in a pale frosty pink lipcolour for your lips. The trick is to apply over the borders of your lips as if you are applying lipstick for a thicker mouth. It means getting some of the lip colour onto your skin. This will make your lips appear more plump in a nice creamy tone of pink.

Finish your makeup with a generous amount of lip gloss.

The effect that you get is similar to this. The key to this look is the creamy pale lips. You need to avoid having darker colours around your lips like Rihanna below :

Her lip colours are darker at the edges, to get this look you have to do the opposite by lightening the edges instead of darkening it.

Do it right and your lips will be like this, a creamy nude lips that blends right into your skin.

I am so in love with Ciki‘s necklace from London!  The design is so vintage and intricate. I keep wearing it with outfits even though they don’t match sometimes. :p

Til next post! Love love hugs hugs.. By the way, explore this website a bit, I spent quite some effort on every page. 🙂