Finally got a chance to do a photoshoot, not me again this time. I would like to introduce my cousin, Minako. She has a look that is similar to Zemotion, I think. Its a very artistic face and I believe this is my best photography yet.

I told you she looks like her. So this goes out to all the Pisceans out there. Here is a look that reflects your gentle and kind nature.

First of all, take out your 88 pallete and refer to the colours there cuz this is an artistic look! Use shade 54 for your eyebrows, if you do not have the pallete then use a earthy brown colour for this.

Then use shade 1 for the brow bone.

After that, use the brush and grab both shade 3 and 25. Apply it over your eyelids.

Using the same shades, apply it on your lower lash line.

Then grab shade 69 and 59. Use this with an angled brush and line your double eyelid’s crease line. For single eyelids you will have to open your eyes and decide for yourself where you are gonna line this shade.

Use shade 87 and 88 and go over this line. You do not have to do it as dark as the photo above, I photoshopped it to make it look more obvious.

Using the same shades, dab abit at the inner and outer corners of your lower lash line.

Grab shade 47 and 36 with an angled brush. Use this to draw a slanted line upwards like the photo above. Make sure the line is defined, you can skip this part if you don’t want the makeup to be so dramatic.

Use a gold shimmer and apply on the middle of your eyelids.

Using the same gold shimmer, apply it at the center of your lower lash line.

Get your liquid eyeliner and line your eyes.

For the lower lashline, draw a thin line first. Then use the liquid liner to shade in at the outer corner and slowly blend inwards.

Apply mascara and put on false lashes.

For the lips, apply concealer over lip balm to prepare the lips for colour. Use a bronze orangey colour for the lips and finish the look off with blusher and gloss.

This is one of the ways to simulate double eyelids actually. The result will be a golden nature look that resembles the forest.

Here is how the eyes look like when its closed, the crease is deepened with the dark shades of the eyeshadow giving it depth.

I managed to get this effect with a flashgun and a normal Ikea spotlight. The light is pointed at the left side of her face and the flashgun is pointed the to the right(photographer’s right).

I wish I can do more looks with her. Her face is like an open canvas that suits any look. 😀